Attention TawdryMart shoppers, part 3

Those Caped Couponers are really a pain in the backside, I tell ya.

This episode is not explicit.

Written by Shannon Perry of Oz 9; performed by Hannah McIver

Shannon Perry is the creator and complete disaster behind Oz 9.

Hannah is a Northern actor/singer who would love to do more voiceover work alongside performing. During these crazy times Hannah stays sane by keeping creative. Find her on Twitter @hanmciver.

who is killing the passengers?


Attention TawdryMart shoppers,
Welcome to our first 4 AM Fill-‘er-Up. Before we let this astonishingly large crowd into the aisles, we’d like to apologize for several recent marketing campaigns, including Petit Fours for the Petite, Pasta for Pastors, and the hugely unpopular Give It Up for Lentils flash sale on beef burgers. Martin has been removed from marketing and returned to egg checking in the dairy aisle — do feel free to stop by and say hello. CAPED COUPONERS, BACK BEHIND THE LINE. If you’re ready to Fill Er Up, remember, you have until 4:05 AM to max out your cart to get 15 percent of everything. Are you rrrrrready? [bell]

Music: “Such a swinging good time” by Neil Cross, Storyblocks

Ready, set….wash!


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