The police would be there in about ten more minutes, she figured. It would be worth the wait if she gets cuffed by that dreamy officer Peller again. This episode is not explicit. Written and performed by David S. Dear, producer of A Ninth World Journal David is an Audible Approved Producer produces and performs […]

A Songbird Reviews Songbirding

A songbird gives his review of the podcast Songbirding This episode is not explicit. Written and Performed by Elizabeth Wilcox and James Schwarz, both of The Dimension Door Podcast TRANSCRIPT Listen Rinse Repeat – REVIEW challenge Songbird Reviews Songbirding Soft crunching sounds as someone walks through forest undergrowth, with the sound of birds singing […]

Alice in Wonderland – We’re All Mad Here – Part 3 of 3

The cat vanishes. This episode is made for kids. Performed by Florence Hood as Alice and Hem Cleveland as The Cheshire Cat. Alice in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll, and this extract was produced and adapted by Karin Heimdahl.   Florence Hood is a teller of tales. Purveyor of doughnuts. Owner of dog. Runs […]

Once Upon a Sally

What do you do when you’re a nerfing salamander? This episode is made for kids. Performed by Kevin Hall as the narrator, Bonnie Brantley as Sally, and Aaron Clark as Hedge. This episode is written by David S. Dear. TRANSCRIPT There once was a salamander named Sally, quite obviously. Not so obviously, an […]


KFC This episode is not explicit. Your Brain on Facts is a half-hour podcast of things you didn’t know, things you thought you knew, and things you never knew you never knew, covering topics as diverse as science-fiction, funerals, food origins, heroic animals, and the strategic butter reserve. Before she started the Your Brain On […]

Lost in Place – 2nd Week of September

They did not escape before sundown and now must build shelter. This episode is not explicit. Written by David S. Dear; performed by Raj Jawa and Stephanie Bergeron TRANSCRIPT GUS I told you we needed to escape the Ikea before sundown! This place is really dangerous at night! KELLY I know! […]