Math Test

You think you know math? You don’t know math.  INT. OFFICE IT GUY How was the math test? MATH GIRL Inconclusive. IT GUY You took a math test and you got an “inconclusive”? MATH GIRL No, I didn’t take a test. We’re testing math. IT GUY You’re testing MATH ITSELF? MATH GIRL Math has shown […]


INDIFFERENCE TRANSCRIPT WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY JORDACHE AND NIKKI RICHARDSON Are you tired? Are you stressed out? Are you constantly worried? Try the restorative powers of indifference Order now and get a 3 pack of vanilla, chocolate, and plain I used to overthink everything, until I found indifference… Warning: may cause bloating, a decreased sex […]

Blue Smoke

Rob Stringer writes sci-fi sitcom podcast, Oblivity. He’s also one half of ‘musicians’ Nik and the Sputz, and their alter-egos, Auctioneers – an Oxford-UK-based duo. @robdmstringer Links to Oblivity:   Blue Smoke NARRATOR:       Agent Zamora rubbed a close-shaven temple. He swore the bone-dry ticking of the cheap clock above him was half the […]