This episode is not explicit.

Written by Øystein Ulsberg Brager.

DOLLY – Angélique Lazarus

Produced by Karin Heimdahl

Script consultants Leeanne Stoddart and Remi J. Hovda.

Original music by Anthony Luis Sanchez.

Øystein Ulsberg Brager is a freelance theatre director and playwright. He is joint artistic director of Imploding Fictions, and co-creator of the award winning audio fiction podcast The Amelia Project. He currently works as a dramaturg at the Norwegian regional theatre Unge Viken Teater where he also runs a young writers program.

Kiba Walker is an American actor, musician, director, writer, and performer based out of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Kiba currently has one album out, titled “XO”, that released in May 2016. He runs a music channel called “KibaKovers”, adapting anime and video game openings into English for a broader audience, as well as regular Top 40 covers. He is also one of the champions of the hit Fort Worth Drag Competition, The 3, as Salem Moon!

An experienced educator, singer, and veteran of voice over, Angelique lends her voice and talent as Dolly in Madonna Spectacle. She started her voice acting career in 2016 with Ryan Estrada’s “Big Data” in South Korea. Since then, Angelique has been in several audio drama productions as well as animations and content creation projects. Someone told her once she could play Ursula’s bastard daughter and she’s kind of into it.


Øystein Ulsberg Brager
Kiba Walker
Angelique Lazarus
Karin Heimdahl
Leeanne Stoddart
Remi J. Hovda
Anthony Luis Sanchez


Honey, it’s me, mom. Your dad passed. You need to come home, funeral and all. And there’s this weeny-teeny little matter of signin’ some papers. You don’t want the house do you!

I don’t know why she thinks I’m so stupid. I have done nothing else but navigate her lies since the nurse dried me clean of amniotic fluid and Dolly promised my dad there was absolutely no way I could belong to the mail man. I own half a house. I can only see through one eye. Passes after a day or so. Doctor says it’s nothing.
I get a lawyer. Dolly has to sell. I buy a little studio flat on the edge of town. There’s even money left for a new outfit. A true copy of Madonna’s cone bra from 1990. I am… Madonna Spectacle!

This episode of Listen, Rinse, Repeat was performed by Kiba Walker as Madonna Spectacle and Angelique Lazarus as Dolly. It was written by Øystein Brager and produced by Karin Heimdahl with original music by Anthony Luis Sanchez.

Ready, set….wash!